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Frequently asked questions

What makes a good Pluralsight author?

Pluralsight authors are amazing teachers with a passion to share their expertise with the world. They use storytelling, enthusiasm, and expertise to communicate concepts and demonstrate tasks and techniques. Their ability to communicate, and their passion for their topic, makes them amongst the best in the industry.

Who will see my videos?

Pluralsight reaches more than 16,000 business customers in over 150 countries. Some learners are independent, and some work for the enterprise accounts who subscribe to our library. Some of our customers are just getting started in their careers—and others are looking to make a change for themselves. Some want to expand their horizons, and others want to expand their opportunities. Our mission is to make the best in professional education available to them all.

How does a new author get started?

An editor will work with you to create a short audition video where you show us your stuff and get to experience what authoring for Pluralsight is like. We want to experience your enthusiasm, and see your teaching skills in action. We have a very short audition kit to help get you started, and your audition won’t require you to buy any specialized hardware or software.

What is the financial model? 

Compensation is based on course viewership. Pluralsight authors usually receive a royalty based on how much their videos have been viewed each month. We’ve created a flexible approach that helps different authors select a financial model that best fits their needs.

How long does it take to create a course?

It depends! We’ll work with you to set reasonable expectations for your first course. Courses are obviously of varying lengths, and different authors are able to commit different amounts of time each week. We’ll work with you to set reasonable expectations for your first course, and you’ll probably find that you get faster with each course you complete.

How will Pluralsight help?

During course production, you’ll work with a variety of people who are invested in making your courses the best they can be. Our content leaders will help you select in-demand topics and craft a great outline. Production editors will guide you through the video production and editing process. Peer reviewers from a pool of industry-leading experts will help you ensure technical accuracy. We’re all here to make you look your best.

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